Don’t Wait Til the Last Minute to Get Your House in Order

Good morning! It’s a beautiful morning, but it’s a little chilly out here so I had to put a little wrap on. But I wanted to come out and take a walk, and while walking I started thinking about families that were having deaths due to the Coronavirus. It seems like the numbers are picking up, and as a funeral manager, I’ve know this that I’m having more deaths now than I was a few months ago, and so that really concerns me. But one of the things that I wanted to share with families, is: Don’t wait until a death occurs for you to try to figure out what it is you want to do.

If you know that your loved one has the Coronavirus, you need to figure out what type of service you want to have, you need to figure out what funeral home you’re going to use, you need to figure out where you’re going to have the service, and just know the policies and procedures of all the different places.

For instance, there are some funeral homes that will embalm a person that has the Coronavirus, but most of them won’t. So, depending on what type of service you want to have, you need to have that information up front. It is just devastating to have a funeral home pick up your loved one, and then find out that they don’t embalm, and you want to have a special type of service or you want to have a viewing and then a service, and the facility that you’re planning to have the service at they don’t, or they’re not doing services for Coronavirus victims. It’s important, you know, it saves time. If you know what you want to do upfront you know who you’re going to do business with.

I’m just saying, you know, it’s crazy to wait until the last minute to try to pull your plan together, and it’s just so stressful on the family.

So my tip for today is one, get your plan together; have an Exit Plan. And as a part of that exit plan, know what funeral home you’re going to use when your time comes, or when your loved one seems to be drifting away. Know what you’re going to do if there’s a house in that person’s name only. Figure out how you’re going to handle that because if not, you’re going to wind up in probate court, you’re going to wind up waiting a year or two to try to get things settled, and it just gets crazy!

So my tip for the morning, this morning, is to Get Your House in Order!

Visit my website at rhondagreen.org and find out what it takes to get your house in order. Have a great day, on purpose!

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